A Brief Guide To The Workers Comp Process

The first step of the Workers Comp Process is to seek immediate medical treatment. This requires the employee to notify their employer, if they are on-site before leaving their job. A direct supervisor should contact emergency services, when the injury is severe. This may not be the case, if the employee developed a work-related illness. However, in both instances, they should submit a written report to their employer before the end of the first month after a diagnosis.

New York Claim Requirements

After the employee receives medical attention; they should file the form C-3 and submit it to the local worker’s compensation board. Their doctor submits a C-4 form within the first forty-eight hours following the accident. He or she must submit copies for the insurer and employer along with the initial filing with the board. The employer has a ten-day window to report this accident to the board and their insurer.

The insurer presents the employee with a notification about their benefits. The time lost from work and the duration of time in which he or she recovers from the injury could affect the value of their benefits. For example, if the recovery time is less than seven days, or if they returned to work immediately, it is likely that they won’t receive benefits. Worker’s compensation benefits require eligible injuries, which last longer than the short waiting period needed to seek an approval.

When to Expect Your Benefits

Typically, the injured employee receives their initial benefits within two weeks following the accident or their diagnosis. They continue to receive these payments biweekly for the duration of time specified by the insurer. Their doctor sends reports to the worker’s compensation board after each checkup. After three months, the insurer makes further assessments based on medical evidence.

The Workers Comp Process is confusing for some employees. The reason for this is the many steps required to submit a claim successfully. After an injury, the employee could face a series of physical or emotional challenges. For this reason, they may need assistance with these claims. If you need help, you should contact Gilbert today to discuss these requirements.



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