A Construction Accident Lawyer in Joliet

If you have been involved in a construction accident, you need the best legal advice and the most aggressive representation of your rights. These qualities come with an experienced team of trained and very experienced lawyers. Construction companies have aggressive lawyers working for them, and you need lawyers that will stand up to these companies.

When you retain a Construction Accident Lawyer in Joliet IL, you will have an attorney who will begin to build your case by investigating the accident scene and possibly taking pictures. He will talk with the EMS staff that transported you to the hospital, and any police investigator who may have been called. He will also contact OSHA for the construction company’s accident record. This record could indicate carelessness on the part of the construction company. Witnesses will be interviewed if they are willing to talk. If the case proceeds to trial, then they will be compelled to talk.

Your lawyer will monitor your progress in the hospital, or your out patient treatment program to determine the extent of your injuries and the prognosis for recovery. If he believes it is appropriate, the construction accident attorney in Joliet will hire a medical specialist to give a report that can be used in settlement negotiations or a trial. Your lawyer will seek a prognosis for your complete recovery since this is a factor in settlement discussions or a trial.

Your attorney will begin to craft a settlement proposal to present to the construction company’s insurance company. That company can agree, attempt to modify it or reject it outright. Occasionally, the case will be submitted for mediation in an attempt to get it settled. If this fails, then the case will proceed to trial. The Construction Accident Lawyer in Joliet IL is an experienced trial attorney who knows how to present your case successfully.

Often, cases are settled on the morning of the trial or the day before. If the settlement proposal is strong based on compelling evidence, it is likely this will happen. However, if the other side decides to go to trial, you can be sure that your attorney will be very capable of representing you within the latitude allowed by the rules of the court. Your Attorney is also a Trucking Accidents Attorney should you know someone who has been injured in a trucking accident.

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