The Basic Facts About DUI And DWI In Maryland

Every year, driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) are responsible for deaths on America’s highways. In 2012, statistics indicate that for every 505 fatal crashes in Maryland, some 160 were caused by DUI. Such illegal behavior accounts for 31% of all fatalities caused by traffic accidents. The severe harm such actions can cause to innocent motorists, pedestrians and/or passengers indicate the necessity of hiring an accident lawyer in Bowie to obtain justice and compensation from the offender.

Maryland Drunken Driving Laws

In Maryland, as in other states, the current legal definition of DUI is driving at or over the .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) legal limit. It is the most severe alcohol infraction a driver can face. According to Maryland law, a DWI occurs when the BAC is .07.


Potential Penalties

The laws regarding drunk driving are quite severe. They can include such things as:

* License suspension for a minimum time

* Points deduction

* Monetary fine -$500 and up

* Jail time – 60 days and more

* Probation

* Traffic court

* Alcohol and/or drug abuse counseling

* Administrative penalties

The penalties are based on the severity of the action, prior offense and other related factors. The greater the harm caused by the action, the more likely the punishment is to move towards the maximum penalty possible. Yet, in Maryland, in places such as Bowie, the judge is granted a certain amount of discretionary powers in his or her handling of the situation. This is one reason why you, if you are a victim of a DUI or a DWI, you must hire an accident lawyer.

Hire an Accident Attorney

While his or her DUI/DWI case is not dependent upon your personal injury case, it is important you have an accident lawyer on your side to ensure you, the victim of the drunken driving accident, is able to have a say in what may affect your compensation for the harm caused by the accident. While drunk driving is currently being treated with the severity it deserves, it is none-the-less essential you seek legal counsel. An accident lawyer in Bowie Maryland is the answer. He or she will help you to proceed against the individual guilty of the DWI/DUI. In this way, he or she will be found guilty and will be held financially responsible to you for his or her actions.

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