Addressing Your Injuries With A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Bel Air

If you’re a business owner, and you have several workers working for you, you might want to consider getting worker’s compensation. This is simply a type of insurance that’s meant to protect your employees in the event they’re injured on the job. Unfortunately, many employers simply feel that they don’t need insurance. There are a lot of misconceptions revolving around worker’s compensation. Let’s address a few of the beliefs that some people have.

For instance, just because it’s referred to as “worker’s” compensation doesn’t mean it’s meant to protect only workers. Yes, any workers compensation lawyer in Bel Air can tell you that this insurance steps in to help after a worker has been injured. However, employers benefit from this insurance as well. If an employee gets injured on the job, and the employer doesn’t have worker’s compensation insurance, who do you think the employee will turn to? They’ll likely turn to a lawyer, and this means the employer is about to have a lawsuit on their hands. So, worker’s compensation helps businesses as well as workers.

Some employers think that their job is done once an employee’s damages have been covered by worker’s compensation. Unfortunately, an employer’s hands aren’t necessary clean after an incident has been handled by the insurance company. It’s important that the employer keeps the lines of communication open between themselves and the worker who’s been injured. How’s their recovery going? When will they be able to return to work? Is there a need for a return to work program? Think about all of these things while your employee is out of work.

Employees also have a misconception about worker’s compensation. Many of them think that any incident on the job is covered by the insurance. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Bel Air will tell you that certain incidents simply aren’t covered. For instance, if the injuries occurred because of fighting, or because of horseplaying, insurance may not cover it.

Hopefully this information will help you understand worker’s compensation a little better. Again, this insurance works to protect both workers and employers. After an accident an employer should focus on staying in contact with the injured worker. Lastly, not every incident on the job is covered by worker’s compensation.

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