An Attorney Should be Consulted About Premises Liability Injury in Gig Harbor if You Are Injured on Public Access Property

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Lawyers

If you have been injured on a property which you have a reasonable expectation of not getting injured then you should consult a premises liability attorney. Owners of businesses and residents are liable for injuries which occur on that property. If you have been invited, or if you are a social guest, or you are on the property with the consent of the owner. If you are on the property legally as distinguished from illegally such as a trespasser and you are injured you may have a cause for action. There is a principle of law known as the Uniform Standard which requires the reasonable protection of the safety of the person visiting.

If an injury occurs on the premises of a business, a residence, or a place where the public is welcomed then you should see the Premises Liability Injury in Gig Harbor attorney. An attorney experienced in premise liability, such as Otto Law Offices, will visit the site and realize rather quickly if there is liability on the part of the owner or the person in control of the property.

If a person or persons are renting an apartment, then the landlord is generally exempt because they do not have control over the apartment. However, this rule has several exceptions, so even a tenant or their guests may have a cause for action if the injury is within the scope of the exceptions.
The premises liability laws can be complex so you will need an attorney who is familiar with the Premises Liability Injury in Gig Harbor. This attorney knows how to gather the information required to initiate compensation discussions with the owner or their insurance company.

Written notes on the events leading up to your injury and about who, if anyone, attended you after the injury. For example, obtain the names of the EMS crew and any police officer that responded. If you received emergency room services, then make a note of the staff names and the exact treatment they provided. Note if any x-rays were made so these can be obtained at a later date for examination by your attorney or his medical consultants. Pictures of the accident scene would also be helpful.


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