How to Stay Safe on your Motorcycle

Let’s face it. Riding a motorcycle on busy roads can be dangerous because of inattentive or distracted drivers. Often times, drivers of trucks and cars don’t take the time to look closely before turning or changing lanes. Motorcycle accident lawyers often see motorcycle crashes that were caused by a driver claiming that he or she did not see the motorcyclist before crashing into him or her.

Before riding a motorcycle on the public roads, please make certain that you’ve had sufficient hands-on training in a controlled, off-street environment first. A motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you to protect your head by always wearing a properly fit helmet and to increase visibility by wearing bright colored clothing. You also should learn to drive defensively in case someone doesn’t see you. Like all drivers, you should follow the rules of the road. Avoid the temptation to skirt traffic jams by riding between cars or along the side of the road. The majority of motorcycle accidents happen at intersections when another vehicle making a left hand turn turns in front of the motorcyclist. Please be careful at intersections.

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