An Auto Accident Attorney in Warrenton, VA Generally Works on a Contingency Fee Basis

An auto accident attorney in Warrenton, VA is generally paid through contingency fees, meaning this lawyer does not receive payment until the case is resolved and the client has been paid a settlement or court award. The lawyer does not receive payment if they were unable to achieve a positive outcome for the client. This allows injured people to have professional legal representation without being charged a retainer or hourly fees.

The Desire to Avoid a Lawsuit

Hiring an auto accident attorney in Warrenton, VA can bring the injured person a much higher amount of money. The insurance company may take the case more seriously when a lawyer becomes involved. Company representatives realize that now there is a real chance of a lawsuit being filed and the case going to court. Management puts pressure on adjusters to work out a settlement to avoid that scenario.

Some ninety percent of personal injury cases are settled out of court. Nevertheless, the lawyer will make it clear that they are willing to bring the case to trial if a reasonable settlement is not forthcoming. Since juries have been known to make dramatically higher awards than the plaintiff had originally requested, insurance companies would just as soon avoid that possibility. In addition, going to trial costs the corporation a lot of money.

The Advantage of Contingency Fees for the Client

Contingency fees allow individuals to effectively take a stand when insurance companies do not want to provide the compensation that is deserved after an accident. Big corporations have a large number of financial resources and their own legal team, making them formidable opponents against a lone person who is running out of money after being seriously injured. Personal injury lawyers such as Gayheart & Willis level the playing field.

Further Considerations

The fee arrangement will be put in writing so the client can review and sign it. The lawyer is unlikely to accept a case if it appears that further efforts will not yield significantly more money in a settlement, since the contingency fee is an agreed-upon percentage of the compensation paid to the client. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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