Obtaining a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in St. Charles, MO

When someone has an incident on their own property where they get injured by a neighbor’s dog, it is likely they will want to press charges against the canine’s owner in an attempt to get compensation to pay for medical bills. It is best to call a dog bite injury attorney in St. Charles, MO to help with this matter. Here are some tips that will be helpful in proving the dog was not restrained properly, thus leading to the injury obtained.

Get Witnesses to Give Statements

It is important to find out if others in the neighborhood had run-ins with the dog themselves. If someone has pictures of the dog not restrained as they should have been, or if the dog has been seen running through someone else’s property, statements can be given to an attorney about the incidents. This witnessed behavior will help to show the dog had been causing chaos in the past, helping to build a case against its owner.

Find Out About the Dog’s History

An attorney can help in getting information about the history of a dog that has been causing trouble in a neighborhood. Besides reports by those who live nearby, obtaining information from local veterinarians, groomers, or trainers can be beneficial. They may have information available about the dog’s demeanor to help build a case against the pet’s owner if needed.

Prove the Dog Was Not on Their Own Property

Getting photographic evidence or video surveillance of the dog on a property other than their own can be beneficial to prove they are known to wander. This information can be passed on to an attorney to bring to a courtroom if needed.

Make Sure to Get Physicians’ Reports

It is best to listen to all directions given by physicians regarding the care of injuries obtained from a dog bite. Failure to do so may make the injuries appear as if they were not severe, possibly swaying a jury to decrease charges against a dog’s owner.

When someone needs to ask a dog bite injury attorney in St. Charles, MO questions, finding one with plenty of experience with this topic is best. Check out for more information.

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