Car Accident Tips: Guide to Help You Talk to the Cops After the Accident

You need to talk to the cops after a car accident. You’ll be surprised how often a Waukegan car accident lawyer has to deny a case because a person said the wrong thing to the cops. The following guide should help you answer the cops.

Don’t Get Emotional

While it’s understandable to get emotional after a car accident, do your best to avoid doing so. Allow your emotions to slip away before you talk to the cops. If you need to, ask them to give you a minute so that you can get yourself together. Talking to a cop emotionally could throw you off and make you say something you shouldn’t.

Stick to the Facts

It’s important to stick to the fact when you talk to the cops. A Waukegan car accident lawyer will tell you that sticking to the facts is the best way to protect yourself. Answer the questions the cops ask without embellishing. If they ask for the date, then say it. If they ask for information about your vehicle, then provide it but don’t provide anything else.

Ask for the Report

You want to ask the cop to give you a police report. Ask politely for the report, and they should be able to give you a copy but don’t insist. If the police report isn’t given, then make sure you get the cop’s badge number, and that should help your lawyer get this document.

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