Choosing a Trusted Custody Attorney in Harrisburg

When you need to hire the services of an attorney and you’re calling various law firms, most likely, a few of them will be available to help you. Some attorneys in a typical law firm work with veterans, others work with families, some with disability claims and others with divorces, tax law, real estate, personal estate handling and wills, just to name a few. Once you see the types of help you can receive from the many attorneys working there, calling the firm means you can choose the lawyer you want, who will do the work you need.

Attorney Lori K. Serratelli works discrimination cases that happen in the workplace. She also works with people who are adamant about getting a divorce, custody of children, support and protection from abuse cases. She’s a Custody Attorney Harrisburg residents have come to trust greatly through word of mouth advertising. She’s very highly recommended by those who have hired her and have received excellent results. It’s not just in winning cases that a lawyer becomes well known. It’s also related to the total understanding of clients and what they and their families are going through that builds a lawyer’s following.

Every divorce is difficult. Some are worse than others, especially when each spouse is demanding or controlling and they absolutely refuse to budge in the horrible way they treat each other. If a divorce can be handled through a mediator, Attorney Serratelli has been trained in this respect and can work things out with each spouse so the divorce goes through in a manner of cooperation from each partner. Children are more important than spouses. Adults can work through matters, but a child must have security, a sense of peace, have a structured environment, along with respect during this traumatic time in their lives. You can be sure the Custody Attorney Harrisburg citizens are accustomed to will do her best to ensure your children receive the support they need to go to school, eat nutritious meals, have a roof over their head and good clothes to wear, plus the love they deserve from their parents.

The custody attorney Harrisburg residents choose to handle their divorces will also see to it that children are taken care of properly, have medical and dental insurance, if this is possible and that the parent they trust will have full custody of them.

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