Disabled? You May Need Plainfield’s Best Disability Law Team

Many people are led to believe that if they become ill or injured and they are unable to work any more, they can simply apply for the social security benefits they have been paying for and get a monthly check. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy for most people. Though you may have paid social security taxes for decades, you may not be able to get the benefits you deserve without a fight. Having Plainfield’s Best Disability Law team on your side may greatly improve your chances of success.

Fighting for social security benefits can be time consuming and stressful, especially for someone who is already sick or injured and really needs the money the Social Security Administration is supposed to provide. By hiring a lawyer, you can get the benefit of their experience and same yourself some trouble in trying to navigate a system you know very little about. Appealing a disability denial is a process that requires attention to deadlines and meticulous completion of paperwork.

The first stage of the appeals process entails a review of the original documentation and any additional information a claimant sends to the Social Security Administration. A lawyer can review these forms before you resubmit them to ensure they are complete and that your condition meets the criteria for disability benefits. If your claim is denied that this level, you can get an administrative hearing where you can plead your case to a judge.

Before your hearing, Plainfield’s Best Disability Law team may help you prepare by advising you of the common questions people are asked at these hearings. Preparing for your day in front of an administrative law judge can help you gain confidence so you can clearly explain your medical condition and why that condition prevents you from being gainfully employed. If the judge believes that your benefits should be approved, you will be paid based on your original application date. However, if the judge agrees with the original denial, you and your lawyer will have to decide whether you want to take your case to a federal judge for a final decision.

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