Don’t Be Denied! Talk To A Social Security Attorney In Chico CA

The Social Security Administration is like most governmental entities – it’s huge, complicated and cumbersome.  The rules are so complex that those who work with them may not be familiar with all of the rules.  And also like most governmental entities, it’s easier for a lower-level bureaucrat to say, “No” than it is to say, “Yes”. Browse website for more information.

Some factors will get you denied quickly.
1. If your income is too high, you will be denied.  The formula for deciding ‘how much is too much’ is complicated.  However, the cutoff is $1,500 per month – if you make more than that, you won’t qualify for SSI.  If your monthly income is over $740 per month, the SSI payment will be reduced.  An experienced

2. Social Security Attorney in Chico CA can help you to determine if you would qualify. Unless you are blind, the disability must last at least 12 months.  Many ailments will be cured within that time.

3. If the Social Security personnel are unable to reach you (to schedule examinations, for example), they may deny your benefits.  It is possible to appoint a representative (such as a Social Security Attorney in Chico CA) to handle paperwork.  Be sure to stay in touch with this representative.

4. Lack of cooperation in releasing medical records will cause the claim to be denied. The SSA may require more information or request an examination by an SSA doctor.  The approval of the claim may well depend upon the outcome of these requests.

5. If you do not follow through with prescribed therapy when it would be possible to do so, you are putting your claim in jeopardy.  There are a few acceptable excuses, such an an intense fear of surgery or severe mental illness.  However, this will need to be substantiated.

6. Benefits will be denied if the disability was caused by alcoholism or drug addiction.  There are possible exceptions, so consult a Social Security Attorney in Chico CA.

7. A criminal conviction will need to be closely examined as to its impact on the disability claim.

It can be very difficult to navigate the Social Security Administration by yourself.  Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law have been assisting individuals who need the benefits that they have earned for many years.  Contact them to schedule a free initial consultation.


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