Do Not Face Drunk Driving Charges Alone

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If you have been caught driving while under the influence in California, you may face charges that could be quiet serious. After enduring being taken into a police station and arrested, you need to prepare to go to a hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles, and deal with a criminal court case. It may seem like these cases are not that important or that you could handle them yourself, but laws concerning drunk driving have become more stringent over the years. It is advisable to retain a DUI attorney in Orange County, CA, to represent you in court.

Dealing with the DMV

Before you do anything else, there is a ten day deadline for calling the DMV after your arrest. You must schedule a hearing called an Administrative Per Se. During this hearing, the DMV will make an attempt to suspend your driver’s license. Once you have been arrested for drunk driving, your license will be taken. You will then be issued a pink slip of paper that will be your temporary driver’s license. The actual hearing will not take place within ten days, however if you do not schedule a hearing with the DMV, your temporary license will expire in thirty days. The DMV makes an allowance for the thirty day driving restriction when you schedule the hearing in a timely fashion.

Let Your Attorney Handle the DMV Hearing

It is very important that you retain an attorney to represent you after you have been arrested for a DUI. Your attorney will handle the necessary steps it takes to schedule a DMV hearing and keep you from suffering due to an expired temporary license. An experienced attorney is going to understand that there is more to handling the DMV than just scheduling the hearing. They have all of the necessary documents you need in order to win a DMV hearing. Should you hire an attorney, they are aware of these facts and can assist you in retaining your license.

Different Types of DUIs

There are different types of DUIs that require different tactics. Misdemeanor DUI charges do not require a bail bond, whereas if felony charges have been filed, you will be required to post bail. Felony charges are brought upon a drunk driver if there have been injuries at the scene of an accident. If you cannot post bail, you may spend a few days in jail before you are can see a judge.

At the Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann, a professional DUI attorney in Orange County, CA is ready to represent you in and out of court. Call for a free consultation and speak with an expert DUI attorney today.


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