Get Help From A Foreclosure Attorney In West Palm Beach To Protect Your Rights

The most important lesson that the housing crisis has brought to public attention is the fact that you can not just trust that the banks are going to do the right thing. Investigations in many areas have shown that the banks were giving out mortgages that they knew were well beyond the real value of homes, while also doing things like falsifying documents and misleading customers about their rights. If you are having trouble holding onto your home, it is well worth your time to talk to a Foreclosures West palm beach and to get help making sure that you protect yourself.

You can not just assume that the lender who gave you a mortgage is going to follow the law. It has become clear that some very large lenders actually knowingly hired people to sign documents swearing to things that were absolutely false. For example, they were signing paperwork swearing that documentation of loans was available when it really was not. Once this issue became public knowledge and drew close scrutiny, it became clear that a large number of people had probably had their homes foreclosed on based on false information. Had these people had a competent Foreclosure attorney West palm beach helping them, they might have been able to keep their houses.

Understanding how this happens requires a brief look into what caused the mortgage crisis. Banks were not very worried about how they handled their loans, because they realized that they could take the original loans and package them up into bundles that they would just resell to someone else. The original lender, therefore, would never have to deal with the consequences if a borrower defaulted. This led to looser lending standards and a greater willingness to be dishonest and bend the rules. Also, because of the way loans were being resold, a lot of documentation was lost.

There have been actual cases where banks not only attempted to foreclose on homes that they didn’t possess the paperwork for, but actually went after homes that there was no mortgage on whatsoever. Do not just assume that you are doomed if your lender is trying to take your home. It may very well be that you are in a situation where a Foreclosures West palm beach could help.

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