Hire an Attorney to Appeal the Denial of SSDI Benefits in Halifax, VA

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Law

When a person gets very sick and is unable to work, they may be surprised that their employer terminates them and they lose their health insurance. Sick Americans are usually shocked that there are few governmental programs to help them. Unemployment insurance doesn’t help a worker that was fired because they couldn’t work due to illness. To receive unemployment benefits, you have to be able to work. Social Security Disability Insurance is the only option for most of sick American workers, and it can be very difficult to get those benefits.

To qualify for SSDI benefits in Halifax, VA a person must be too sick to continue with their job and their illness must prevent them from looking for a new kind of work. Their illness must be a long-term problem that is expected to last for more than 12 months. Short-term illnesses will qualify a person for SSDI benefits only if they are expected to die within a year. For example, if a person hurts their back and must have back surgery that has a six-month recuperation period, they won’t qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The government expects them to have savings that will last for six months, disability insurance, or a family that will support them.

Even if a person and their doctor believe they have a long-term disability, it is possible that the Social Security employee who is responsible for reviewing their application will find that they could return to work or find another job. They therefore deny the application for benefits. This is when the SSDI applicant needs to hire a lawyer. The lawyer will help them file an appeal. He will have a doctor that is familiar with the SSDI guidelines review their application and offer additional information. Lawyers who have previous experience with SSDI applications know the best way to answer the complex questions on the disability application. According to the Social Security Administration’s own data, applicants who appeal their denial of benefits with the help of a lawyer, have a better chance of winning their appeal than those who don’t.

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