How Can An Order of Protection Lawyer In Suffolk County, NY Assist You

The decision to file for divorce no matter what the reason is never an easy decision for anyone. One of the first steps you will need to do is find a Divorce Lawyer that you are comfortable working with. In a case where there has been abuse involved by either spouse you may need to get an Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY For your safety you will want to retain someone who is knowledgeable in the steps needed to obtain this order.

The first thing your Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY will explain to you is what this order means. This order limits access that the abusive partner will have with you. It will order them to stay away from you or any children you may have together. They will not be allowed to have access to a gun to ensure your safety. The abusive partner will also be ordered to move out of your joint dwelling and to pay child support for any underage children. You may also want to file for full custody of those children and your spouse will have to follow any orders regarding to custody.

Once the protection order has been filed in the courts, your Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY will explain the process to you. In most cases the courts will grant a temporary protection order until a hearing can be scheduled in front of a Judge with both parties present. At that time the judge will hear both sides of the abuse case and make a decision on whether to continue the Order of Protection. The judge will also inform each party what the protection means, it usually means that the abusive party is not allowed to contact the other party by phone, email or in person. Visit website for more information.

If the person that the protection order has been filed against violates it in any way do not call your Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY. For your own safety, immediately dial 911 or the local police department and file a complaint. The person violating the protection order will most likely be arrested no matter if they hit you or not. Just having any contact at all is a violation of this order that was set up for the safety of yourself and your family.

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