Understanding Cincinnati OH Immigration Law And Your Rights

by | Aug 3, 2013 | Attorney

Cincinnati OH Immigration Law encompasses the laws that apply to immigrants and any individual who was not born inside the country. These laws provide options for visiting immigrants to legally acquire work and attend college in the United States. The government can utilize these laws to provide amnesty to immigrants who are living in hostile territories, as well as present legal opportunities to allow these immigrants to become citizens.

Working in the U.S.

An immigrant has the option to apply for a work visa. This visa allows the immigrant to acquire work within the country based on the restrictions of the work visa. Typically, a work visa is awarded to an immigrant for a limited amount of time, and renewals are available to anyone who abides by the laws of the United States.

The Visa Process

To apply for a visa for work, education, or for leisure, the immigrant must complete an application for the visa either online or through the U.S. Embassy that is situated within the country of origin. Any immigrant who wish to enter the country and is between age 14 and 79 must complete an interview with the embassy or consulate’s office. According to Cincinnati OH Immigration Law, a valid passport is required for any immigrants to enter the U.S. after the visa is approved.

Renewals and Changes

Under Cincinnati OH Immigration Law, an immigrant is required to renew his or her visa based on the requirements of USCIS guidelines. Failure to renew this documentation could result in immediate deportation. Any immigrant who is inside the country on a visa and does not report changes such as physical address, college transfers, or employment with a new company may additionally be deported.

Preventing Deportation

It is necessary to consult a lawyer who is familiar with Cincinnati OH Immigration Law, if you are scheduled for deportation. This is potentially the only option for remaining in the country. A lawyer with an understanding of these laws may assist you with visa renewals and submission of updated visa documentation. He or she will file a renewal for your visa with the appropriate agencies and establish your rights as an immigrant which may prevent your deportation.


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