How Can People Stop Repossessions in St. Charles MO?

When a person does all they can to keep their car note paid up, only to find they get behind and face losing it through repossession, it can be devastating. Many people are not aware they have rights that can help them prevent losing their car. When a person has gotten behind for any reason, they may have the option of filing for bankruptcy to Stop Repossessions in St. Charles MO. Bankruptcy can place an automatic stay so that all collection activity is ceased immediately.

To file for bankruptcy, a person will need to schedule a consultation appointment with a bankruptcy attorney. The attorney will need information on any bills that are owed, especially those that are urgent and are causing collection activities to begin. It is also important a person brings in their income information. All of this information will be used by the attorney to determine whether or not chapter 13 bankruptcy will be a good option to Stop Repossessions in St. Charles MO.

Filing for chapter 13 to Stop Repossessions in St. Charles MO allows a person to have three to five years to pay off the debts they owe. During this time period, the debts are consolidated and paid through one payment through the court. It is imperative a person pays their payments on time each month or their bankruptcy status could be revoked.

The time period a person is given depends on the amount of debts they owe and the income they make each month. At the end of the bankruptcy period, a person can fully avoid any further collection issues by ensuring they have come current on all of the bills they owe.

If you have been doing all you can to overcome your debt but are finding no relief, a bankruptcy attorney can help. To stop all collection activity and protect the ownership of your property, contact the Law Offices of Steven K. Brown. He and his team will be glad to help you with all of your debts to see if bankruptcy will be a viable option. Call today and schedule your appointment so you can get started on the process of filing.

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