How to get a Pennsylvania drivers license

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Law

As a young man or young woman begin to creep up on their 16th birthday, they usually start getting excited about reaching that point in the life where they can learn how to drive a car. Having never had a learners permit before, the first step in getting licenses in Lancaster PA is to visit a local Department of Motor vehicle office and make application. It is here that the potential student will have an eye test and show identification that confirms that the applicant really has reached the 16th birthday. Once this has been done, a form is filled out with all the personal information, including the Social Security number, this, along with a fee is handed over and the new student driver is ready to go.

Getting the learners permit is the first step to becoming a valid, licensed driver. There will be a period of time that you can use to take drivers education classes so that eventually you will be able to take and pass a test that proves to the DMV that you have all the skills that are required to drive independently. For those who have applied for and received their learners permit and are still under 18 years old, the minimum number of hours that must be dedicated to building driving skills is 50. Once the learner has completed the 50 hours of learning and a full six months has passed since the learners permit was issued, the student can sit the test and if successful, be granted a fully fledged license to operate a motor vehicle.

It is not just young people that need to get their drivers licenses in Lancaster, PA for the first time, new residents in the State also have to surrender their out of state license within six months of taking up Pennsylvania residency. As a new resident with no records, you will have to visit the DMV, take your current out of state license with you along with your social security card. Although these two documents are all that are required, it never hurts to take additional ID such as your bank statement or utility bill.

For all those that have valid drivers licenses there is no longer a need to return to the DMV for renewal, this can be done by mail, online or by using a messenger service authorized by the state.

For those who already have valid drivers licenses in Lancaster, PA, you are invited to renew by using the services available at Able Notary Service LLC.




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