Need to Post Bail? Contact a Bail Bonds Company in Bridgeport

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Law

After the police have arrested a person, they are brought to the local jail where they are fingerprinted and placed in a cell. The two most important people in the defendant’s life become his lawyer and bail bondsman. It’s necessary for defendant to remain in custody until they have gone before a judge for their arraignment. This is when they will hear the formal charges against them. It’s also when the judge can decide to grant bail or not. It’s their defense lawyer’s job to argue that bail should be granted and to keep the bail amount as low as possible. It’s the Bail Bonds Bridgeport company’s job to help them post the bail.

The defense attorney can probably recommend a good Affordable Bail Bonds company that is available 24 hours a day. The defendant has to provide about 10 percent of the total bail amount. If they don’t have the money, some bondsmen accept credit cards. The bond is a guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear whenever necessary. If the defendant does not show, then the Bail Bonds Bridgeport company will forfeit the bail bond that they posted on behalf of that client. Therefore the bail bondsman requires a great deal of information that will help him locate the defendant if he skips out on his bail.

The defendant has to provide their real name, work address, and home address. They must also provide any aliases they use or have used. This includes street or gang names that they are known by. The Bail Bonds Bridgeport company may even list their race, ethnicity or tattoos. They can expect their picture to be taken, along with all of their tattoos. Parents, grandparents and siblings must also be listed with their addresses. Any other relatives such as cousins that they see regularly must also be given. The final category includes boyfriends or girlfriends and other close associates.

All of this information must be complete and accurate. Failure to fully answer these application truthfully is a crime and can result in the forfeiture of bail. When a defendant appears in court, they shouldn’t be surprised to see their bail bondsman waiting for them. They will see them regularly until their court case is completed.

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