How to Win in a Tax Appeal Case

When property owners hear of the opportunity of a tax appeal NJ, they instantly get intimidated even though they are absolutely sure that they are paying very high taxes than necessary. Winning a tax appeal case is easy when you are adequately prepared during the hearing. Most of these cases hardly reach the court room. Home owners are usually the beneficiaries of lower taxes as soon as they schedule a meeting with the assessor because they have proof that the taxes that they are paying are unnecessary. To be successful in your appeal, you need to start by investigating the amount of taxes that similar homes or properties are paying in your area. If you discover that the assessed values of at least five homes are less than yours, you are entitled to an appeal. A tax reduction is guaranteed if the properties are in the same neighborhood, same dimensions and constructed with the same material.

Here are other ways to ensure that you win your tax appeal case:

*Property Inspection: There is a system that the assessor uses to inspect your home or property. Tax appeal specialists agree that mistakes are made all the time when real estate assessments and inspections are made. Some of these mistakes include age of the property and improper measuring. One of the systems that the assessor uses to inspect the house is trending. Here, the assessor will consider the sale price of the home within the area therefore making an underassessment or over assessment. Finding out the irregularities will be of help during the tax appeal hearing.

*Amount of tax reduction: It is important that you put in writing the amount of tax reduction that you are entitled to when pursuing a tax appeal. This amount will be based on proof of your neighbors’ assessments, photographs and recent property sales in your area. Other ways that can assist you in claiming for tax reduction is if you are a low income earner, a person living with disability and a senior citizen.

An attorney on behalf of the property owner will write an assessment letter to the assessor requesting for a tax appeal NJ. This letter will include evidence of blue prints of the property and similar properties and the tax amounts and photographs. The attorney will try to negotiate with the assessor for a reduction at this stage. The assessor might take a few months to comply with your request. During this time, you will need to pay your taxes as required in the event that the assessor will reject your appeal and require you to proceed to a hearing.  Hiring an attorney as the person to represent you is always best because attorneys are known to get the highest reductions for their clients.

As soon as you start questioning the amount of property taxes that you are paying, this should tell you that you deserve a tax appeal.



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