Why Attorneys Use Court Videography during Depositions

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Law

Courtrooms provide a number of employment opportunities for people seeking careers. The most obvious employees of the courtroom are judges and attorneys. There are also bailiffs, security guards and court stenographers. However, court videographers are also very important pieces to the judicial puzzle. Court Videography is used in a variety of ways in the courtroom, but most often, videography is used to record depositions or courtroom proceedings. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why Depo International videographers should be used for these testimonies.

Testimonies are very important in court. Recording testimonies is helpful to the prosecution and defense attorneys should a question arise in the future regarding what was said at a deposition. Because of the need to revisit deposition proceedings or arbitration conversations, court videographers are necessary to videotape the testimonies of deponents.

Court Videography is utilized by attorneys in a number of ways. One way is to safeguard the attorney’s case should a witness become too sick to testify in court or die unexpectedly. Attorneys also use videographers to record a testimony of a witness who may be otherwise unavailable at the time of trial. To help avoid these unexpected occurrences, courts often allow videotaped testimonies – even if the deponent is available during trial.

During legal proceedings, witnesses are required to tell the entire truth. However, because the legal process is lengthy, a witness could change his or her story by the time they take the stand. Witnesses changing their testimony is one of the main reasons why depositions are recorded before trial begins. If a witness changes his or her story during trial, the attorney has the ability to refer to the videotaped deposition as proof that the witness is committing perjury. In this case, a videotaped deposition by Depo International will usually be the testimony that is accepted by the courts.

When a witness is put on the witness stand in a crowded courtroom, there can be a tendency to misquote himself or herself. Attorneys attempt to avoid this misquotation by having their witness testify during a recorded video deposition in front of a certified legal videographer from Depo International. An attorney may hire a professional for Court Videography by Depo International for any of his or her legal video deposition needs. These recorded depositions are free from litigants and attorneys who may attempt to disrupt the proceedings. The lack of disruptions helps to calm witnesses and allows them to be more forthcoming with their testimonies. The judge, jury, and court in general, can get a more truthful testimony with recorded depositions done by Depo International’s certified legal video specialists using high-quality video technology.

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