Learning More About The Problems With Workman’s Comp in Riverhead, NY

In most workplaces, employers are protected by any loss or damages caused by accidents through worker’s compensation laws. Workman’s Comp in Riverhead, NY is a type of insurance that all business owners in the United States are required to have. This insurance is what is supposed to kick in to foot the bill for medical expenses and lost wages any time a person is injured while working.

The problem with Workman’s Comp in Riverhead, NY is while employers are required to have it they do not usually feel like they are required to use it. In fact, getting an employer to pay out a worker’s compensation claim is far from an easy task to accomplish. This is largely because worker’s compensation is no different than any other kind of insurance. Every time the insurance provider has to write a check, the premium rate for the insurance is going to go up.

The other problem with worker’s compensation is the fact that employees do not file claims for it nearly as often as they should. You live in a world where people live paycheck to paycheck. A person who lives paycheck to paycheck is going to be very unwilling to do anything that might cost them their job. The unfortunate truth is that most employees just assume that they risk losing their job if they file a claim for compensation for an injury. They would rather just foot the medical bill on their own. In the interest of saving money, most employers are unwilling to correct this assumption.

When it comes to worker’s compensation insurance, it is important to understand that legally your employer cannot fire you because you filed a claim. In fact, firing you or punishing you in anyway because you filed a worker’s compensation claim is very illegal. If your employer were to file you or punish you because you tried to get compensation for a work related injury, it just means you would be entitled to even more money. If you feel as though filing a work injury claim has resulted in you getting less hours at work, you should contact a law firm such as Gilbert, Blaszcyk and Milburn, LLP as soon as possible to take proper legal action.



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