The Full Spectrum Of Drunk Driving In Taunton

by | Mar 6, 2014 | Lawyers

There are two sides the legal spectrum in terms of drunk driving taunton. First, there is the criminal side in which an individual has broken the law by getting behind the wheel after becoming intoxicated. On the other side, you have the victims that were injured due to this decision. In legal these matters, there is a need for both criminal and personal injury attorneys. The criminal attorney defenses the individual accused of drunk driving while the personal injury attorney fights for compensation for injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

The Full Spectrum of DUI

The legalities that apply to DUI are often complex. In some cases, the DUI charge itself is the only probability of penalties against the accused. However, in cases where an accident resulted from this poor decision, it is possible that the accused may face further charges. For instance, an accident with injury that resulted in a fatality produces at least a charge of involuntary manslaughter. This charge, however, depends on several variables such as the age of the victim and the driver’s level of intoxication. If controlled substances caused the driver’s impairment this could also result in more charges.

Local Attorney

According to the national mandate applied to drunk driving law Taunton, a breathalyzer result of over 0.08 is over the legal limit. It is required through this mandate that all drivers who are suspected of DUI to be taken into custody to make this distinction. On the other hand, victims who are injured due to this poor decision have the legal right to file a lawsuit to receive monetary damages. In cases involving a DUI where the victim did not survive these injuries his or her family has the right to file a wrongful death claim.

The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel provides you with a criminal or personal injury lawyer depending on which side of the legal spectrum your case resides. This attorney is familiar with regional traffic laws that determine whether an individual was, in fact, over the legal limit at the time he or she chose to drive their vehicle. He additionally provides legal representation for victims who sustained injuries that were caused ultimately by a drunk driver. The attorney assists these individuals in a battle that requires strong defense, diligence, and hard work.



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