Managing an Auto Accident with an Insurance Claim Attorney in Gig Harbor

In Washington, personal injury cases are often managed through an insurance claim. However, in some cases, the coverage is either not available or doesn’t cover the victim’s expenses fully. When this happens, it is necessary for the victim to file a lawsuit. An insurance claim attorney in Gig Harbor provides assistance for victims of auto accidents that didn’t receive compensation through insurance.

Obtaining a Copy of the Accident Report

The accident report is an important part of an auto accident claim. It details the sequence of events that caused the accident. The report also identifies all parties that were involved in the accident and the at-fault driver. All parties involved must submit the report to their insurance carrier. The report itself is needed when starting a claim to collect compensation.

Starting an Insurance Claim

The at-fault driver is required to file an insurance claim that includes all parties who sustained injuries and property damage. The insurance claim provides coverage according to the maximum limits available for a single or multiple victim accidents. It provides funds to pay for medical costs and repair the victim’s car.

Starting Legal Claims

If the at-fault driver doesn’t have coverage or is underinsured, the auto accident victims can file a claim through the court. The claim will include all medical invoices to show an accurate calculation of the victim’s medical expenses. They need at least three estimates for auto repair expenses. An income statement from their employer shows the total wages lost during their recovery.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Auto insurance coverage provides death benefits depending on the coverage purchased. However, if the at-fault driver doesn’t have the coverage, the family of the victim is within their rights to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The claim could present the spouse or children of the victim with lifetime earnings.

In Washington, personal injury cases are often settled through insurance claims. The policyholder files a claim for the event that caused the victim’s injuries, and the funds are provided to the victim. A local attorney helps victims who weren’t compensated through an insurance claim. Victims who need to speak to an insurance claim attorney in Gig Harbor can browse our website right now.

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