New Landlords Can Benefit From the Advice of a Real Estate Lawyer in Salina KS

Whether you are planning to purchase an apartment building or you are moving out of your home and want to rent it out instead of sell in a bad market, a real estate attorney can ensure that all of your documents are in order before you enter into a contract. Real estate law can be confusing to both new landlords and experienced property investors. A Real Estate Lawyer in Salina KS may help you understand the nuances of the law to help you be a better landlord.

Before you start looking for a tenant to move into your property, you will have to create a lease agreement. The lease agreement is a legally binding document that spells out your’s and the tenant’s rights and responsibilities. Instead of using a generic lease agreement that you find online, take the time go over your lease line by line with an attorney.

Some items in a lease agreement may be more important to you than others. If you expect your tenant to take care of the yard work, be sure to mention it in the lease. If you don’t want your tenants to have pets or you want to collect an additional deposit from tenants who have pets, you must put it in the lease or a lease addendum to ensure that your expectations are clear before your new tenant moves into your property.

An unpleasant aspect of Real Property Law involves enforcing leases when tenants don’t comply with the terms of the agreement. When you use an experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Salina KS you can be sure that your lease is drafted in a way that is legally enforceable when you need to use it to evict a non-compliant tenant.

It is important to adhere to your obligations so your tenants cannot legally break your lease. Some common reasons tenants attempt to break their leases include the landlord’s failure to make repairs, rodent infestations and unsafe conditions. As long as you have fulfilled your duties, you can exercise your rights that you have outlined in the lease and insist that your tenant pay the rent for the remaining months in their contract if they want to move out early. Visit to learn how a lawyer can help you on your real estate venture.




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