Preserving Evidence Before Filing for Workers Compensation in Birmingham, AL

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re hurt at work, you may be eligible to get Workers Compensation in Birmingham, AL, but to get the money you need to pay your monthly and medical bills, you’ll need to make sure your paperwork is in order, and that your claim is filed completely and promptly. A personal injury attorney can help you file the necessary papers, and they can also help you preserve proof of your injuries.

Which Evidence Should be Preserved?
Once you’ve received immediate medical treatment, you should start documenting your injuries with receipts, reports and other papers. Be sure to preserve evidence such as:

  • The accident report, with the date, time, injury description and your contact information (you’ll need to ask your employer’s human resources department for a copy)
  • Any medical records pertaining to the accident and treatment, as well as documentation of pre-existing conditions aggravated by the new injury
  • Disability claims based on the above evidence

This documentation is essential if your employer or their insurer denies your claim and your case goes to court. By showing the evidence to a worker’s compensation or personal injury lawyer during an initial consultation, you have a greater likelihood of winning your case, either in or out of court.

The Importance of Proper Documentation
If you want to make sure that Workers Compensation in Birmingham, AL pays your bills while you’re recovering, proper documentation is essential. It may be months before your case is heard in court, and by then, your physical injuries may be healed fully. If you take the stand with no outward appearance of injury, the insurance company’s lawyer may try to discredit your story. Months of being out of work and unable to pay the bills can leave you and your family in tremendous debt, and you’ll need the settlement to get caught up. Only properly documented and preserved evidence can prove your case at this point.

Every state’s claims procedure is different, and you may be required to retain different documents. If you have concerns about the validity of your worker’s compensation claim, visit domain URL for help with maintaining evidence.

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