Reorganizing Debt Through Chapter 13 Claims In St. Louis

Chapter 13 St. Louis presents you with a fast remedy for high debts. Through this form of bankruptcy, you will enter into a reorganization of your debts which allows you to pay them off over time. The payment structure of this bankruptcy claim allows you to make payments which are applied to all debts listed within the claim. The judge may present you with the opportunity to discharge some debts through this claim. When this is possible the debts are eliminated. To speak to an attorney about filing a bankruptcy claim, contact the law offices of Steven K. Brown today.

Reorganization of Debt

Once you file a Chapter 13 St. Louis bankruptcy claim, your debts are reorganized. This means that they are included within one claim in which you make monthly payments until the total balance of these debts is paid. These claims require that you follow strict stipulations which may present you with restrictions in terms of how you can or cannot utilize your credit. Your attorney can also provide you with credit counseling after your bankruptcy claim is completely fulfilled.

Local Attorney

Law Offices of Steven K. Brown presents you with several bankruptcy options to include chapters 7, 11, and 13. These bankruptcy options allow you to become debt-free effectively. The attorneys within this law firm will present you with assistance in filing a claim to include all your debts and begin the reorganization process involved in chapter 13 bankruptcy. They will negotiate settlements with your creditors to achieve lower overall balances before your claim is processed. To hire an attorney to assist you in filing a bankruptcy claim, contact the law office of Steven K. Brown or visit his website.


Chapter 13 St. Louis presents you with the option to settle all of your debts through one effective claim. This option allows you to achieve overall lasting debt-relief. All debts are listed within the claim and a judge will determine which debts are eligible for discharge. Your creditors, however, must agree with the inclusion of their accounts into the claim before they are added. At any time before your hearing, your attorney may speak to your creditors on your behalf to achieve a lower settlement amount. To learn more about bankruptcy and your options, contact the Law Office of Steven K. Brown today.

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