Schrieber & Schrieber, Attorneys At Law

There are many reasons that people need to seek the advice of a lawyer and in most situations, the help of a licensed attorney can mean a great deal of time saved in resolving whatever the matter may be.

It is a simple fact that the court system is a complicated and very regimented environment. Deadlines are set by judges and failing to meet them can mean that a person is held in contempt or even jailed. Papers that are signed by judges carry the force of law and many citizens are simply unaware of just how important certain aspects of their own legal case can be if they are not getting the right kind of advice from their own lawyer.

Schreiber & Schreiber work with clients who have various legal cases and they are able to advise their clients about the important and most relevant aspects of their matters as the cases make their way through the courts.

Attorneys at Law are well versed in how the courts operate and they are able to more easily anticipate how any particular legal move may affect a person’s case. In situations of criminal charges, the defendant can depend on their own private counsel to keep them informed as the case is being processed so that they are always able to be in compliance with any orders imposed on them by the judge.

Schreiber & Schreiber also work with clients who divorcing to help them get their marital termination agreement negotiated and finalized. The emotional minefield that divorce is for many people can be made much less painful by having an understanding and experienced lawyer to advise and guide the client through the process.

Business law is also one area that Attorneys at Law can be of great help to their clientele. Contracts, leases and other business related topics are the work of lawyers who are able to clearly understand contractual language which can seem like something nearly indecipherable to the average person. It is always a good idea to let your own attorney review and approve anything before you sign it, this can stave off any problems that could have otherwise caused you headaches down the road.


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