How to Choose a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Bankruptcy Lawyer

It’s a popular misconception that all you have to do to declare bankruptcy is to file bankruptcy papers with the local court. Your case needs to be presented properly or the court will not allow you to proceed with a bankruptcy. Hiring a good bankruptcy attorney could make all of the difference. Here are some tips from Bankruptcy Lawyer Handel On The Law Productions about things to look for in your prospective attorney.

Has Experience

When interviewing your prospective bankruptcy attorney, ask him or her how much of the practice is devoted to financial law or bankruptcy law? Unless the legal practice has numerous lawyers, good lawyers tend to focus on only one or two branches of law. The lawyer that can handle any aspect of the law can only be found in fiction or on television.

Has Worked in the Area

Financial laws differ wildly from state to state and even from town to town. It’s good if you hire a lawyer who has spent some time working in the area where you live. This means that the lawyer will already be familiar with local bankruptcy laws and individual court procedures. This experience is not absolutely necessary for a good bankruptcy lawyer, but it does make procedures go more smoothly.

Is In Good Standing With the State Bar Association

Check with your state bar association to make sure your prospective attorney is in good graces with that association and has not been recently disciplined. You can also check with your local chapter of the Better Business Association to see if any complaints have recently been lodged against your prospective attorney.

Charges Reasonable Fees


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