Take Extra Precautions While Driving During Warmer Months

With the weather heating up, more motorcycle riders will be on the road. It is important to be extra careful while driving because more motorcycles means more motorcycle accidents. Collisions involving motorcycles and cars are different in nature. Motorcycle riders have very little in the way of protection from individuals driving cars therefore they sustain more injuries. In 2011, there were about 4,500 motorcycle fatalities within the United States. It is best to drive for the safety of you and others regardless of what time of the year it may be but be extra careful when school is out and more people are out and about enjoying the warm weather.

One good precaution to take is always drive a little slower than traffic. It goes without saying to follow the prevailing traffic laws but you can also avoid accidents by driving a little less than the posted speed limits. This will help you stop quicker if you need to. This may be the difference between having an accident and avoiding an accident.

If you are motorcyclists, you must be prepared for cards cutting you off in traffic. If traffic is heavy, some drivers may take full advantage of the gap left between you and the car ahead of you. Although you know you are leaving a safe driving distance between you and the car, they may not be aware of it therefore be on guard and drive to prevent Motorcycle Accident Louisville. Making yourself visible to other drivers may not seem like enough to avoid accidents because most motor vehicle drivers admit to seeing you even though they hit you, your best bet is to look out for all oncoming cars. You should assume they are going to turn into your lane.

Driving when it is warm doesn’t have to lead to you getting a Personal Injury Attorney. The goal is to get to where you are going safely. Deficient roadways already pose a problem to any driver, you do not want to increase the chances of an accident by acting reckless and placing you and your family’s lives in danger. With more than 7 million motorcyclists on the road and over 130 million cars, we must do everything possible reduce the number of accidents that happen.

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