The Benefits Of A Criminal Defense In Easton, PA

It is beneficial to secure a Criminal Defense in Easton, PA when you are accused of a serious crime. These cases hold the strictest forms of punishment and require that you possess an effective legal team to represent you. It is necessary for an attorney to review the evidence secure by the prosecution to determine the odds in your case and to devise strategies to defend you.

Admissibility of Evidence

In criminal proceedings an attorney has the right to challenge the admissibility of evidence. He or she has the right to utilize the law to establish whether statements or testimony was the direct result of coercion. In some criminal cases, prosecutors and detectives often use scare tactics to secure witness statements. The criminal defense attorney can additionally determine whether or not entrapment played a role in the acquisition of evidence.

Circumstantial Evidence

In criminal proceedings where all evidence is circumstantial, a criminal defense attorney move for a mistrial. Prosecutors require solid evidence to convince a jury that the accused is guilty of a crime. In murder cases, this solid evidence begins with a body and a murder weapon. Circumstantial evidence, however, may present the argument that the accused was present on the scene, but it cannot prove without a shadow a of doubt that he or she committed the crime.

Criminal Law Attorneys

The Gordon Spitale Law Firm offers effective legal defense for anyone accused of a criminal charge. These attorneys are aware of the strict punishments that are applied to serious crimes and have the ability to build a strong defense case. If you require a criminal defense you should contact these attorneys immediately following your arrest.


To understand your rights within a criminal case it is beneficial for you to secure an effective Criminal Defense in Easton, PA. Your selected attorneys will assist you in determining how to approach your case based on the evidence secured by the prosecution. This includes the ability to argue whether key evidence secured by the prosecutor is admissible in court. If you require a criminal defense attorney, you should initiate your rights to an attorney immediately.




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