A Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer can Intervene on Your Behalf

Even if a prosecutor is otherwise well-intentioned, they can end up filing charges against an innocent defendant. Regardless of why they’re being charged, an innocent defendant wants to know how they (and their Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer) can avoid a wrongful conviction. If you are a defendant who wants to skip the trial, read on to learn how to avoid a guilty verdict.

Erroneous and Limited Information can Influence the Filing Decision

When a prosecutor receives a case, often they only have the police report to go on. The average preliminary report is very limited in the scope of information conveyed, and many reports are not accurate due to lies, bias on the part of the authorities and simple errors.

Police reports may misrepresent minor facts such as words exchanged before an altercation, or major facts such as an aggressor claiming they acted in self defense. In some cases, crime victims exaggerate or lie about their injuries. If the charges against you are specious, you can take it to trial and hope for an acquittal, or you can hire a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer to plead your case.

A Lawyer can Intervene Before Charges are Filed

Pretrial assistance is one of the many reasons you should hire an attorney as soon as possible after you’re arrested. You should not rush the decision or hire a lawyer under duress, and you should remember that you always have the option to change lawyers at any time during the criminal process.

If dictated by the facts of the case, some lawyers may intervene before charges are filed. This step can involve contact with investigating or arresting officers, or calling the prosecutor before a filing decision. In minor cases, a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer can explain away the incident, keeping the case out of court–but this option is rarely successful.

Hiring a Lawyer

There are many reasons to hire a defense attorney, with pretrial intervention being the most important. Only a lawyer can handle the tasks discussed here, and their judgment can be vital to the success of your case. You and your Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer should decide which methods to use, whether it’s pretrial intervention or taking the case to court.

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