Tips for Getting Help From a Workman’s Comp Lawyer

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Law

Every day, people become injured on the job. This is especially common in dangerous jobs, like construction. In these types of injuries, there are so many different issues you may face. It is imperative you are careful in the actions you take once you have become injured. Many people find it beneficial to hire a Workman’s Comp Lawyer. This allows their needs to be protected so they can focus on their recovery.

There are a few important facts you should remember about worker’s compensation cases. When you are first injured, you will need to make sure you inform your boss of your injury. Different employers have different rules when it comes to reporting. It is best to inform your immediate supervisor of your injury just as soon as you can. This person will begin the process of filing your claim.

You will be required to undergo drug and alcohol testing. This is normally required within twenty-four hours after you have been injured. If you fail this test or do not show up to be tested, your claim will be quickly denied and you could possibly lose your job. Your employer will want to be assured your accident was not caused by you being under the influence.

You will also be required to be seen by your employer’s doctor. Unfortunately, you have no choice in this. You will still be allowed to see your own doctor and if you do not have insurance, working with a Workman’s Comp Lawyer may help you in getting the medical care you need. You should plan on seeking legal help from an attorney as soon as possible, even if it appears your employer is being helpful. This makes sure your rights are fully protected through every step of the way.

If you have been injured on the job in any way, it is your right to file for worker’s compensation. Visit Womick Law Firm CHTD and learn how they can assist you with your claim so you can get the benefits you deserve for your injury. There is no need to fight your case alone, when there is help to be found.

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