What Happens When Someone Posts Bail in Oklahoma City?

Most of us have heard the term, “post bond”, or “bonded out”, on TV, but may have no idea what it actually means. The term refers to the practice of providing a specified amount of cash – or its equivalent – to get someone out of jail after they have been arrested. The professionals who handle the transactions are known as bail bondsmen. These agents typically answer a lot of questions about their transactions; and some of the most common include:

WHAT DOES A BOND DO?: A bond is a guarantee to the court that an arrested person will return to make a scheduled appearance, after they have been released. When a client arranges

  • Bail in Oklahoma City
  • , bondsmen collect cash or property as collateral, in exchange for providing a bond. Their guarantees are backed by a surety company. They usually only collect a small percentage of the actual bond amount, and this is known as the premium. A premium is not refundable.
  • WHO SETS THE AMOUNT OF BOND?: A judge sets the amount of bond, which can depend on many factors, including the seriousness of the crime, whether the accused has prior arrests, and more. Jails may have schedules that suggest the amount of bond for various crimes.
  • WHAT HAPPENS IF THE ARRESTED PERSON DOESN’T APPEAR IN COURT?: Bail bondsmen are liable for the total amount of the Bail in Oklahoma City, if their client does not appear in court. This is known as skipping. However, unlike fugitive recovery agents, or bounty hunters, bond agents do not typically pursue these fugitives.
  • WHEN SHOULD AN ARRESTED PERSON CALL A BAIL AGENT?: The first person who should be called after an arrest depends on the severity of the offense. Many times fixed, or station house bail, has been set for certain crimes. Anyone who can pay this bail will be released. Often the accused decides to call an attorney. However, in many circumstances, a bond agent can assist anyone who is arrested. They are available 24/7, to explain procedures to clients, arrange bail, and provide other helpful services.

Bail bond agents assist the courts and those who are arrested, by guaranteeing that the accused will appear in court. Once the guarantee is made, the arrested person is released from jail. Agents earn their fees and ensure that the accused will make their appearances, by collecting cash or collateral from them.



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