What you should know about filing for bankruptcy in St. Louis, MO

Are you faced with overwhelming debt and you aren’t sure how you are going to recover? If your personal finances are in disarray and you aren’t sure what to do to rebuild, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. You may be able to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy St. Louis, MO in order to get the debt relief you are seeking. Finding out what you need to know beforehand can help you to be well prepared for the process ahead.

Getting your debts discharged

The individual filing for Chapter 7 can expect to get their debts discharged as the bankruptcy unfolds. This is especially true for unsecured debts such as credit card debts and other related loans. However student loans and other federal debt may not be able to be discharged using a bankruptcy filing. The process of getting your debts discharged begins with contacting a Chapter 7 bankruptcy St. Louis, MO lawyer. Your lawyer will walk you through the process every step of the way so you can get the results you deserve.

Keep your valuable possessions

Many people worry that filing for Chapter 7 means that they have to give up everything that they hold dear. However this is actually a misnomer and in many cases individuals can keep both their home and car. This should provide a great source of relief and peace of mind for debtors who are looking for options. Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t have to mean that all you hold dear is immediately relinquished.

Put an end to wage garnishments

One of the benefits of using a Chapter 7 bankruptcy St. Louis, MO lawyer is that they can help to put an end to wage garnishments. With just one consultation, they can explain the advantages of bankruptcy and what you can expect from the process. Once you hire the attorney, they will be able to help you begin the process of filing bankruptcy and putting an end to wage garnishments.

At The Bankruptcy Law Firm of Sean C. Paul, you can work with a knowledgeable Chapter 7 bankruptcy St. Louis, MO attorney. Visit us online to learn more information at Stlbankruptcyfirm.com.

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