White Collar Criminals: Getting Away With Murder?

There seems to be a perception that the general population of white collar criminals doesn’t serve prison time. News clips and hearsay indicate that most are excused for reasons of wealth or power, netting a mere tap on the wrist for their crimes. Apparently, though, white collar crimes elicit severely extensive prison sentences. The Wall Street Journal lists the top ten sentences of white collar criminals. Take a look, and you just might change your mind about the slap on the wrist policy that’s seemingly in place:

10. Frederick Brandau, 55 years

9. Karen Bowie, 80 years

8. Richard Harkless, 100 years

7. Will Hoover, 100 years

6. R. Allen Stanford, 110 years

5. Bernie Madoff, 150 years

4. Robert Thompson

3. Norman Schmidt, 330 years

2. Keith Pound, 740 years


1. Sholam Weiss, 835 years

This list is looking to be the norm, according a report by the Federal Sentencing Reporter. Sentence times and fine amounts have been on the rise since 2005, increasing by 28 % and 50%, respectively. While there are widely different levels to the white collar division of crimes, overall, the sentences seem to be getting stricter. Since a white collar crime can be labeled as such for something as simple as a fraudulent insurance claim, there are white collar criminals who receive light sentences, with only fines levied against them.

Lenient Sentencing for White Collar Crime is a Myth

So, on average, are white collar criminals really getting away with it? According to official studies, the answer is no! An unofficial review by the authors of White Collar Privilege found the same to be true; in fact, tougher sentencing was the average for a criminal in this division.

Criminal lawyers in Bel Air, MD can all agree they have their work cut out for them! The vast array of possible white collar crimes are on the rise and with harsher sentencing in store, there is no mistaking the increased work they will have for these types of cases. Make no mistake about it, lenient sentencing is a myth.

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