Why You Need An Auto Accident Lawyer in Tulsa

IIn Oklahoma all drivers are required to carry at least the mandatory liability insurance. This insurance covers the cost of the other driver involved in the accident, when it is ruled your fault. The mandatory values are $25,000 for each injury sustained in the accident with a maximum of $50,000. The insurance should also include $25,000 for property damage. If you were in an accident in which you were injured and the driver failed to compensation you contact an auto accident lawyer in Tulsa.

Automobile Accidents and Your Rights

Oklahoma is a fault state, which implies that any victim of an automobile accident has the right to file a civil suit against the other driver. Any failure to comply with automobile insurance laws results in fine and probable license suspension. However, this does not exclude them from being held accountable for their role in the accident.

When a driver is ruled at fault that implies that he or she is financially responsible for bodily injuries and property damage sustained by the victim. The state does not cap the value of compensation that the victim could receive through a civil suit. However, the judge will calculate costs associated with the accident before awarding any compensation to the victim. If you were injured and wish to file a civil suit contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Tulsa.

If you are ruled at fault and did not comply with the state’s insurance laws you will receive a fine of at least $250. It is also possible that you will spend thirty days in jail. Your license and vehicle registration will be suspended for a period of time designated by the county. It is possible that you will be required to purchase high risk insurance such as SR-22 after causing an automobile accident.

When you or the other driver is intoxicated, DUI laws for the state of Oklahoma apply to the accident. This implies that intoxicated driver could face jail time, hefty fines, and the loss of their license for up to one year. The county will review the case to determine the blood-alcohol content reading at the time of the arrest. In addition to an Auto Accident Lawyer, any driver who is facing a DUI charge linked to an accident will need a criminal defense attorney.

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