Why an Estate Planning Lawyer in Glen Burnie, MD Is Needed

People own things, as this is just part of human nature. Even those who live a minimalist lifestyle need clothing and basic supplies. Before an individual passes away, they need to state where they wish these items to go upon their demise. For this reason, every person needs to speak with an Estate Planning Lawyer in Glen Burnie MD. Although anyone can use a software program or online site to create a will, the wrong wording can lead to major delays in the handling of the estate. The attorney works to ensure this is not the case and that assets go where the person wanted them to land.

State laws vary greatly in terms of how estates must be handled. They outline exactly what may and may not be included in any estate planning document, including wills, a power of attorney, trusts and more. In addition, they outline who may and may not be listed as the trustee, personal representative, executor or health care surrogate. Wills must be witnessed, but only certain individuals can take on this duty and certain formalities must be observed. The attorney understands these laws and ensures the documents meet all of the requirements.

Many financial and familial situations are complex. There may be a great deal of money involved or a person may have been married than once. Both will need to be addressed in any end of life documents. Minor children and their care also have to be handled in the documents, along with the distribution of real estate and other assets. In the event one or more assets will be given to a charity, this must also be detailed in the paperwork. The attorney tackles these issues and many more.

When the documents aren’t properly prepared, they may be declared legally invalid. In this situation, the court steps in and determine the distribution of the assets once all debts are paid. Heirs may find they owe money on what they receive or they may discover they aren’t getting something they were promised. To avoid problems such as this, contact an Estate Planning Lawyer in Glen Burnie MD. The attorney ensures the documents are correctly prepared and filed, so there are no issues upon a person’s demise. By taking this step, a person can ensure their family isn’t fighting a legal battle while dealing with their grief. Peace of mind is the best thing one can leave behind. For more information you can visit karpouzianlaw.com or their Facebook page.

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