Why Hire a Professioanl Civil Litigation Lawyer in Keyser, WV for Personal Injury Cases?

Many people who have personal injury cases try to settle directly with the insurance company on their own without the help of legal counsel. Attorneys do not work for free. They are going to take a fraction of any settlement. The thinking is that the injury victim will negotiate a good settlement and pocket the amount that would have gone to legal counsel. Unfortunately, this strategy almost always results in less money for injury victims. Insurance companies do not offer fair settlements in injury accident cases unless there is a good chance of going through a jury trial that may result in a big jury award. That can’t happen when victims have not secured legal counsel. That is why victims injured by another party should consider hiring a Professional Civil Litigation Lawyer Charlotte NC.

The folks at Conrad Trosch & Kemmy can help injury victims determine if there is a viable personal injury case. A number of things have to be proven by the professional civil litigation lawyer in order for the victim to get compensation. First of all, the personal injury attorney has to prove that another party caused the accident resulting in the victim’s injuries. Secondly, the attorney needs to prove that the injuries resulted from the accident rather than other causes such as previous medical conditions. In order to prove all of these things in a civil trial, the lawyer has to gather evidence. Although most civil cases do not actually go to trial, insurance companies have to believe that they have a good chance of losing at trial before offering fair settlements. That is why it is usually not possible for victims to get a fair settlement on their own. That is why it is rare for personal injury cases to be settled early.

Legal counsel has to be repaid. A fraction of the settlement will go to the lawyer. However, the amount that goes to the victim will still be far higher than if he tried to negotiate a settlement directly with the insurance company. That is why it’s best for accident victims to hire legal counsel.

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