A Brief Guide Of A Bail Bond Bartow County GA

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Legal Services

A Bail Bond Bartow County GA are issued following an arraignment within the court system. It provides a down payment or act of good faith that the inmate will return at the time of his or her court date. A value is assigned to this bond based on crime and flight risk.

Inmates accused of high-profile crimes or those associated with high-caliber cases may see higher bond requirements than others. This is mostly due to the severity of the crime, and the damage caused to the public.

Any inmate who is considered a risk to society based on the accused crime may not be able to post bond. Usually, the presiding judge makes this call. He or she is also the one who determines the amount of the bond required for release.

Bail Bonds Bartow County GA are offered by a bondsman through the court system. The bond must meet local guidelines are it is not accepted. A Bail Bondsman Bartow County GA receives this title through certification and licensing for the preferred county.

He or she is not required to reside within the county, but must obtain a license for any county in which services are provided. Requirements to become a bondsman are found within the local courthouse. Licenses are also issued through the court. He or she is required to pay a fee for the license and renewal is determined at the time of acquisition.

Commercial Bail Bond in Bartow County GA requires a small percentage of the overall bond amount. This percentage is determined by the bondsman. It is not a requirement to pay the full amount when a bond is issued. However, most services require a lien against property as collateral.

This collateral is seized if the inmate does flee and refrains from appearing at his or her scheduled court date. In the event, the inmate flees a bench warrant is signed by the judge and bond is revoked. The inmate will not have the opportunity to post bond again in this case, as he or she is considered a flight risk. And an additional charge is added to the case.

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