Why You Would Need A Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

Think of this scenario for a moment; you are travelling comfortably along on the nations many interstate highways, sharing the road with other vehicles of all sizes and types. All of a sudden the semi truck in front of you jackknifes and both lanes of the interstate are instantly blocked and no matter how hard you try there is no way that you can avoid doing anything other than slamming square into the truck. Although you and the other people in your car avoid serious injury your car is a total wreck. Now the question; do you treat this type of incident in the same way you would treat an accident with another automobile or do you realize that an accident involving a truck is different and as a result you need to get in contact immediately with a truck accident lawyer in Chicago?

If you are involved in a vehicle accident and the other vehicle is an automobile you will find that the greatest majority of automobile owners are individually insured. This is far from the situation when the other vehicle is a large truck and trailer, as a result you will need to hire a lawyer who knows how to deal with the various parties involved; often multiple owners and multiple insurance companies. What is important, and your lawyer will tell you this right off; never give any kind of statement to any representative of the trucking company or their insurers and never authorize the release of your medical records. If the insurance companies involved can lay hands on your medical records they can assess the extent of your injuries with your even being present. The rules that surround any accident involving a large truck are complex and you are well advised to leave absolutely everything in the hands of your truck accident lawyer.

Truck accident lawyers are versed in the many unique laws that apply to the commercial trucking industry and the drivers of commercial vehicles. Lawyers are aware that there are special licensing rules that apply to commercial operators and that before been allowed to operate large vehicles on the open road, drivers must receive specialized instruction in the operation of these machines. It is this knowledge of the requirements imposed on the trucking industry that makes it hard the owners and operators to defend themselves.

A truck accident lawyer in Chicago will work diligently to see to it that all your financial losses including damages to your car and any medical costs will be compensated for. These are strictly tangible issues, your lawyer will also sue for loss of income; compensation for any pain and suffering that you have to endure as well as any long term disability.

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