Identifying Fault With a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Spokane, WA

In Washington, families have the right to file a wrongful-death lawsuit after a fatality. These proceedings could produce a monetary award that pays medical and funeral expenses. This could also include financial support needed for minor children left behind by the deceased.

Identifying a Wrongful Death

An accident that is beyond the control of all parties involved may not warrant the right to file for wrongful death. As the name indicates, the petitioner must prove that the actions or inaction of the accused lead to the fatality. The primary focus is that the fatality could have been avoided if an alternative course of action was chosen. Families who believe the fatality could have been avoided should contact a wrongful death lawyer in Spokane Valley, WA today.

Wrongful Death in Auto Accidents

A fatality that was produced during an auto accident could lead to wrongful death litigation. In these instances, the petitioner must prove that the accountable driver committed a crime which contributed to the fatality. Among the most common infractions are DUI and speeding.

Medical Malpractice Fatalities

The most common reason for wrongful death in medical malpractice cases is a failure to disclose the risks fully. Before any surgical procedure is performed, the surgeon must provide all facts to the patient to ensure they understand the risks fully. A failure to disclose all information could lead to medical malpractice lawsuits. However, if the patient didn’t sign a release identifying their understanding of the risks, the family could step in if the patient dies as a result of the procedure.

A failure to diagnose or treat a patient could lead to a fatality as well. In these cases, the family must identify the condition that the patient possessed for which they didn’t receive adequate medical treatment. This reduction in the quality of care could warrant extensive allegations that could lead to more than one lawsuit against the doctor. Visit the site for complete details.

Wrongful death indicates that the circumstances of an accident could have been altered by choice. In these cases, this choice could indicate accountability. The circumstances are evaluated to determine if the fatality could have been avoided if a crime wasn’t committed. To learn more about these cases contact a wrongful death lawyer in Spokane Valley, WA at Cooney Law Offices now.

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