Services Performed By Child Custody Attorneys In Silverdale, WA

Child Custody Attorneys Silverdale WA empower parents to fight for custody of their children. In some cases, the child custody hearing is held at a later date after the divorce proceedings are concluded. Typically, his hearing is scheduled the final day of the divorce case to enable both parties to build their cases.

Family Court

In family court, an attorney handles cases that apply to divorce, child custody, and estate planning. If you make the decision to adopt a child, you will attend a hearing within this court. Any case that pertains directly to the interest of families is presented in this legal field. An attorney that handles family court cases may play several roles within these legal proceedings.

For instance, you may acquire legal services for both your divorce and child custody cases through an attorney who handles family court cases. Through these attorneys, you can set up a will or trust fund for your children and establish guardianship for your children in the event that you die before they become legal age.

Family Planning Services

Family planning services are available through an attorney who may additionally represent clients in custody cases. This form of planning may assist you in determining the future needs of your children and devise a plan to ensure that they have adequate means of support.

Local Child Custody Lawyer

Lindsay Olsen Attorney at Law is a child custody attorney that provides legal assistance to individuals who wish to acquire child custody. She additionally presents clients in divorce and adoption cases. To hire this attorney for your case, you can contact her at her local office in Silverdale.


Child Custody Attorneys Silverdale WA fight for the parent’s right to acquire legal custody of their child. Through this process, your attorney presents evidence to enable the judge to comprehend why you are the more appropriate choice to raise your child. In cases where abuse is an issue, your attorney will gather evidence to support this claim along with assigning a child advocate for your child. A child advocate enables the child to testify in court and express their wishes and concerns.




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