The Harsh Penalties that Accompany Frivolous Tax Returns

There are very few people that are thrilled with the idea of having to pay taxes to the federal government. However, due to the laws in place, the majority of people will have to do so at one point or another. While there may be some legitimate reasons that you need to challenge the tax bill you receive, there are also a number of arguments that the IRS will just not tolerate.

These arguments, which are called frivolous by the IRS, will not only frustrate an IRS agent, they may also land the person that makes them in some serious trouble. One example of this would be if you turn in a tax return that is considered frivolous. In these situations you may be fined up to $5,000 and in other situations be charged with tax evasion. However, while understanding the serious nature of a frivolous tax argument is important, it is also essential that you understand what is actually considered frivolous by the IRS, which will help you avoid this situation.

In most cases, a frivolous argument is not rooted in the actual established law and will, as a result, be considered completely outlandish by the Internal Revenue Service. One example of this would be the claim that federal employees are the only ones that have to pay any federal income tax – this is a classic case of frivolous. Some others include arguments that your religious beliefs will exempt you from having to pay taxes, or that you are morally against paying federal taxes. The IRS will simply not accept these types of arguments, which means that you may face serious consequences for trying to get away with it. Especially in situations where a person is extremely persistent about the claim.

The fact is that you may hate the idea of the federal government taking money out of your paycheck, but the consequences of a frivolous argument will create even bigger issues for you in the long run. If you do find that you are facing a situation of a frivolous argument, contacting a Tax Attorney in Atlanta is essential. They have the experience and knowledge needed to help you avoid criminal charges related to your situation. Click here to find experienced tax attorney.

If you are facing a case of a frivolous tax return, calling the services of Jeffrey L. Cohen, a Tax Attorney Atlanta will help you fully understand the situation and your rights.

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