Tips on Getting Through Probate Hawaii HI

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Law

The grief that you feel when a loved passes away can be increased if find that you have to go through probate. During this process, the will of your dead loved ones will have to be validated, which can take a very long time. The following are a few tips to help you get through the Probate Hawaii HI process.

Hire an Attorney
The idea of handling the probate process by yourself may be a good way to save money, but an attorney can help the process move along faster. The attorney will know how to move navigate their way through this complex process, while moving toward a common goal. Being able to speed up the Probate Hawaii HI process can help you properly grieve for your dead loved one without interruptions.

Tell Creditors
You should notify the creditors of your dead loved one immediately after their passing. The probate process is a calling card to creditors, who are trying to collect, so be sure they know about the death first. The attempted collection of debt will slow the probate process and make it drag out for much longer. This will also keep the creditors from taking on late fees and interest to the amount that your dead loved one owes them.

Appraised Inventory
When you have an executor working the probate proceedings, you should ensure that they are making a detailed inventory of all assets and holdings of the deceased. Make sure they are getting all necessary items appraised by professionals to maintain the accuracy of the inventory. You will need to speak with your attorney to see if the courts need to be involved in the inventory and appraisal process. The attorney will also be able to advise you on what items should be appraised due to the potential value.

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