Workers Compensation Rapid City: What Is A Work Accident?

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Lawyers

A work accident is defined as an unintentional accident that results in an injury while in the workplace. In order for an injury to be defined as a work related injury, it would need to occur while an employee is performing their normal tasks at work. If you were doing something you were not supposed to or you were not doing your job correctly, it would not be defined as a work related accident. If you intend on trying to pursue Workers Compensation in Rapid City for the accident, it is important for the accident and injury to be defined as work related.

In certain situations, a work related accident might be covered through that individual’s employer. The process for obtaining the compensation for that coverage is going to involve interacting with your employer and their insurance company. Whether or not you are entitled to damages for the injury and accident really depends on whether or not your employer has a Workers Compensation Rapid City insurance policy. Naturally, it would also depend on whether or not you are covered by the insurance. Some companies require employees to have been with the company for a number of years or to work so many hours in order to qualify for coverage.

It is not uncommon for a legal dispute to arise when a work related accident occurs. What typically happens is you will sit down with your lawyer and the company’s insurance lawyer in order to work out some kind of deal. They are going to try to offer you a settlement so the issue does not have to go to court. The important thing to keep in mind about a settlement is that once you take a worker’s compensation payment, you are waiving your right to sue the company at a later time. This means that if the injury to sustained from this accident ends up causing you more medical problems in the future, you would not be able to sue the company for any more money. You need to make sure you speak to a doctor and understand what, if any, long term effects your injury could cause you.

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