Wrongful Death Attorney in Omaha Advocate for Surviving Spouse

No one ever plans that when a loved one goes into the hospital with an ache or a pain that they won’t ever come home. Particularly when its an adult in their young life of thirty something who seemed fine when he left the house in the morning. Then suddenly he’s in horrific pain and has a tightening of his chest, finds it difficult to breathe and decides to go to the emergency room.

Classic signs of a heart attack are showing as he describes his symptoms in triage to an inattentive medical biller who is busy registering his health insurance and instructs him to return to the waiting room. So experiencing more symptoms he is left to sit there in a full waiting room. Perhaps it’s right at shift change and he isn’t logged in somehow and is left there for hours; then the worst happens and he suffers another heart attack, a fatal one. This is a time when the surviving spouse needs a strong advocate like a wrongful death attorney in Omaha to bring as much justice to this tragic situation as is possible.

When a wife sees her husband and father of her children off to work in the morning she never expects that he won’t come home. When death is the result of someone else’s grievous error why should his surviving family suddenly be in dire financial straits? Suddenly the bread winner of the family, the strong provider is gone and leaves behind a few young children and a distraught suddenly single parent.

While family and friends will hopefully pull together for the survivors rough days ahead, nothing can replace the loved one so needlessly lost. However, a strong wrongful death attorney in Omaha can redeem at least the financial devastation by being an advocate for the children left behind. Without one parents ability to add to the raising of the children and those expenses some compensation in order.

We hear of occurrences around the country like this happening every day. It’s just a simple law of averages that some health care providers will continue to make fatal mistakes. When this happens there will continue to be needless losses of life. We can’t afford to think it will never happen to me or anyone I know, as it certainly can. If it does call on the expertise of a wrongful death attorney in Omaha to speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves.


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