Do You Need a Citizenship Lawyer?

Immigration law in the United States, at least in practice if not on the books, is in a constant state of turmoil. The Immigration and Naturalization Act, which governs immigration in the United States, is based on :

Reunification of families
Importing skills that benefit our economy
Promoting a diverse population
Protecting refugees

Among the hurdles that the prospective immigrant has to navigate are entry and permanent residence status for noncitizen spouses, obtaining a green card to enable a noncitizen to work, fiancé/fiancée visas, deportation and immigration bonds, naturalization and citizenship, defense against being removed, adjustment of status, consular processing, and more.

Immigration in the media

The avalanche of daily headlines portraying foreigners in a negative light don’t do anything to ease already troubled minds, either. Will the government take away my children? Will the President close the southern border? What will it mean for your family or your business if he does?

Most of the time, it’s hard enough for American citizens to keep up. As a resident of a new country, you have enough adjustments to make and information to absorb without having to know the difference between a K-1 visa and an H-1B.

Citizenship Lawyer Dallas TX

At Khavari and Moghadassi, immigration law is our specialty. We know every nuance of the various temporary visas from B to V. When you need a citizenship lawyer Dallas TX, we can talk you patiently through all stages of the immigration process.

Diligent and professional, we are committed to providing you with the best service in immigration, criminal, family, civil litigation, and personal injury law. Contact us at any time of the day or night, any day of the week, to schedule a consultation.
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