How an Auto Accident Lawyer Will Assist You in Your Legal Case

If you have been injured in a car accident in which you were not at fault, you should seriously consider hiring an auto accident lawyer to get you financial help to cover medical bills, lost income, and psychological damage. No matter what type of accident you have endured, there is a basic process for all accident lawsuits. An auto accident lawyer will want to meet with you as soon as possible to interview you about the incident. He or she will also review the accident report provided by the police. These are usually filed at the scene of the accident and include statements from all drivers involved as well as from all eyewitnesses. Police officers at the scene will then use these statements to compile a likely sequence of events. They often use an accident report form, and when it is finished they review all information with relevant witnesses. The report is then kept on file with the police and may be accessed by those involved, insurance companies, and, of course, your auto accident lawyer.

Once the auto accident lawyer has reviewed the case, he will decide whether or not you have a legally viable claim. If he decides to take you on as a client, he has two years in which he may file a claim. During these two years, he may gather all necessary information to strengthen and support his case. He will re-interview all relevant eyewitnesses to the accident, and send a set of questions to the responsible party with a request for written answers. He may also summon the most important eyewitnesses for a deposition, in which their testimonies will be recorded. For serious accidents, he may also hire an accident reconstruction expert, who will investigate at the site of the accident, taking measurements of skid marks, and estimating speed and trajectory of each of the vehicles involved. This can be immensely helpful in determining the cause of the incident.

Typically, an auto accident lawyer can settle the case out of court through third party mediation. These meetings usually involve negotiations between the injured party’s attorney and the insurance claims adjuster. If the matter cannot be settled in mediation, however, the auto accident lawyer will take the matter to court where it will be tried before a judge. Often, motions are used to resolve matters before the case even goes to court. For example, a lawyer could file a motion requesting that the court restrict the type of evidence that may be presented in the trial.

Once the trial arrives, the case proceeds as is usual with any legal process. Each side presents its case, and the suit is then decided upon by a judge and jury. If you have been wrongfully injured in a wreck, call an auto accident lawyer immediately. Get the money you deserve so that you can stop worrying about medical bills and start focusing on your recovery and reclaiming your life.

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